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Shamanic art from Papua New Guinea, Melanesia, New Zealand, Maori villages, Australia and the islands of South-Pacific.


Indigenous groups in Oceania and Australia have developed religious beliefs centered on the home and on ancestor worship, give great importance to the dream world that consider the way more real to the gods, a journey of human consciousness than the waking state but imperfect. The ritual art that shapes these objects is carried out with skill in Papua New Guinea, Melanesia, New Caledonia, Polynesia, Vanuatu and Australian aborigines villages. The details in the realization of individual work or amulet expresses its deep spiritual meaning gives shape to the power of myth that keeps alive their ancestral beliefs, an element of faith in their slow and complicated painful adaptation to the impacts of the global world.

Oceania Art Gallery - Object

Fossils, masks, necklaces, stone, wood, shell, animal bones and seeds, they are adornments more representative of Oceania. The villages are numerous and people are living in an era constantly supported by mythological sacred moments. Through the ritual, the shaman is able to open a space for magnetic and fateful rise inwardly towards the supernatural, an order that draws on the universal energy to give each object its own powerful spiritual function of protection.

Oceania Art Gallery

Our friends travelers and scholars, they are lovers of rare items and ethnographic art, works which is at the folklore, the spirit and the rural culture of the people. Antiques, collectibles protective amulets, fossils, traditional music and ritual objects. In a confused world that favors the superficial mass-produced perhaps these are the last vestiges of the mythological reality that accompanies the inhabitants of the rainforests, islands, deserts and mountains of our planet.

Oceania Art Gallery - Necklaces

Oceania comprises more than 30,000 islands in the Pacific, stretching from the Hawaiian Islands to the north of New Zealand. To the south the lands that make up the Oceania include Micronesia, Melanesia, Polynesia, New Zealand, regions of Australia, New Guinea and the Malay Archipelago. Between Papua New Guinea and Melanesia, there are numerous ethnic groups. Some languages ​​are spoken by more than 50 people, there are more than 800 indigenous languages​​.