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Objects belonging to hunters, pickers and healers of the Savannah of deserts and forests holding the vital energy of the black continent.


The essence of the African people is manifested by them in their statues, masks, amulets and ritual use. There are many villages throughout the continent, the people 's traditional Africa conceive the world consists of two connected parts: the visible world of the living and the invisible world of the ancestors, inhabited by gods. Several tribes such as the Ashanti of Ghana, Yoruba of Nigeria, Macua, Congos and many others, were involved by European settlers in the slave trade. The warriors Imbangala Angola and the Nyamwezi of Tanzania, subjugated by the whites, have collaborated as intermediaries in order to propitiate wars against other African states. They were caught thousands of indigenous people for export as slaves in the Americas. There is a strong belief in the power, contained in amulets, in fetishes and magic rituals.

African Art Gallery - Bracelets

The African bracelets assume a particular form and a visual language that conveys the observers beliefs and life experiences of the wearer. Each amulet was created with spiritual sensitivity, according to mythological stories. It is thought that the materials give the articles special powers. In Benin, Mali, Congo and other territories you wear spiritual amulets and objects that possess the mystical influences of the natural environment, masks, idols and ornaments that recall the ancient gods.


Dogon Figures

The concept of masculinity and femininity and their harmonious interdependence is the nucleus of the Dogon ideology.
This concept explains the Dogon cosmogony, social structure and art. In the mythology of these people, the God Amma became the creator of four groups of demigods, named Nommo.


African Necklaces Art Gallery

The necklaces are spiritual figures, symbols drawn with beads, seeds and simple elements of great account in the existing tribes. Pendants and necklaces are made in special occasions such as a personal gift. A wide mythology accompanies the belief in the power of the seeds, the African folklore maintains the ancient tradition of these artifacts, amulets, necklaces and bracelets are decorative, very important in everyday life.