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African Holocaust is a no-profit organization founded by a group of people addressing the progressive study of African culture. The organization is formed by African scholars, common people, and academics who share the will to embody the most authentic spirit, believes, and folklore of the black continent. The purpose of African Holocaust is to delineate the past and the present of the African nations through didactic methods in the areas of studying and education.


Our folks are the fusion of Africa and America rather than a European emanation; most of the natives have been annihilated and massacred. “We all have the same mother but our father are strangers, different in their blood bonds, places of origin and skin colour. For all of us South-Americans this translates into a bond of major importance.
"Simon Bolivar"


The Tibetan Children is a charitable organization totally dependent on the kindness of heart and the generosity of the others. International organizations and single individuals have always been touched by the situation in Tibet, and have always responded to our request for aid. The TCV is constantly in need of the generosity of our friends and supporters spread all over the world. We believe that one day Tibet will be an independent territory.


In 1980, the indigenous communities in the Malay Borneo had drawn international attention when they organized a series of street blockades in the rural areas close to the forest to protest against the building corporation which wanted to take possess of their land through different strategies. Alternative media and social organizations have vigorously protested, along with the advocate of the Borneo Project, thus becoming the best example for the resistance.

Every day, rain forests, animal and plant species essential for our own survival are dying, along with the most ancient indigenous traditions on earth. Social organizations and activist fighting against the neoliberalism really need the sincere support of many people to spread the message and defend the ecology of our planet and the cultural traditions.
Maybe these are the unique and most authentic evidence of the mythological reality which accompanies the inhabitants of the rainforests, the islands, the deserts, and the mountains of our planet. It depends on our own conscience the decision to redeem and promote the last traditional cultures and their simple way of life.